{{1}}How is this School different from the existing The University of Tyumen institutes and other Russian Universities?

It is nothing like anything you can get elsewhere in Russia. Unlike other institutions, we employ our professors internationally, and we offer highly personalized educational paths and up-to-date curriculums. We are building an open learning environment that will enable interactive and collaborative learning.

    {{2}}How much is the tuition fee?

    The total tuition fee at the School is 275,000 rubles per year. However, the best 77 out of 105 first year students (based on the results of the Unified State Exam) will receive the fee waiver. The other 28 students will be able to get tuition discounts, depending on their academic achievements every six months. The best three of these students will receive a 100% tuition discount, while the lower-ranking three receive a 90% discount, etc.

      {{3}}Is there a scholarship available?

      Our students are eligible for several types of scholarships, ranging from standard state-funded ones to additional awards sponsored by the University and its partners.

        {{4}}My English is not great. Can I study in a bilingual school?

        Yes, you can. In this case you will be enrolled in courses taught by Russian-speaking professors during the first year, but by the second year you will have to improve your language skills to be able to take classes in English. The School will offer special opportunities for that.