Disciplinary Landscape Forum 2019 — call for papers

    Learning beyond Competences


    The value of traditional 3-4-year BA programs is increasingly contested, as more and more services, both online and offline, become available to teach all kinds of competences faster, cheaper, and, arguably, better. It appears less and less self-evident why lifelong learning, with its short and often part-time modules, should only begin upon the completion of a full-time BA and not right after high school.

    The argument in defense of full-time on-campus BA programs may focus on its greater efficiency in teaching more complex and fundamental competences or it may try to go beyond the very logic of competence model for education. In the latter case, one must specify what it is that students should be learning at university — or, as some business schools argue, during long full-emersion programs for mid-career adults — which cannot be learned by other means.

    The 2019 Disciplinary Landscape forum at the School of Advanced Studies, University of Tyumen will take the second approach. We invite scholars and teachers from a variety of disciplines to try to formulate an alternative to the increasingly dominant worldview whereby virtually everything, up to the person’s ability to enter a romantic relationship or lead a meaningful life, is described as a combination of distinct competences teachable through a set of educational modules.

    Please, submit your applications, including a full CV and a description of your proposed intervention, to sas@utmn.ru by April 15, 2019. The forum will be held in English and involve team work and plenary discussions.

    The dates of the forum are June 8–9, 2019. A bus tour to Tobolsk, the ancient capital of Siberia, will be organized for everyone interested after the end of the forum.

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