Economic theory and capitalist reality

    Economics often claims to provide an objective view of the world, which makes it closer to natural sciences rather than social sciences and the humanities. According to this claim, as economic theories are evolving, they are getting us ever closer to understanding how capitalism actually works. But is it really the case?

    Anil Aba, a new fellow at the School of Advanced Studies, has analyzed ideological underpinnings of neoclassical economics in his PhD dissertation and argued that mainstream economics, completely disconnected from the realities of capitalism, presents an abstract world of economics with pronounced ideological biases.

    Anil Aba received his BSc in Economics from Istanbul Bigli University and London School of Economics, MA in Economics from Koc University, and PhD in Economics from University of Utah. As the SAS fellow, he will work with the research team “Capitalist Transformations: Hidden Resistance and Economic Theory” and teach two courses: “History of Economic Thought” and “The Making of Economic Society”.