The School of Advanced Studies provides its best students {{1}} with world-class education {{2}} and offers them access to the global intellectual arena {{3}}.






{{1}}Best students

The SAS BA program welcomes prospective students who are:

  • prepared to face the challenges of the contemporary world
  • willing to go outside their intellectual comfort-zone
  • able to consciously choose classes, professors, and careers

{{2}}World-class bilingual education

The SAS BA program uses an educational model that involves:

  • the choice of major and minor by the end of the second year
  • multidisciplinary breadth, analytical, communication, and leadership skills
  • free choice of 1/3 of classes, significant variability of the remaining 2/3
  • interactive classes, with no more than 20 students in the room

{{3}}Global intellectual arena

The SAS offers integration into the global intellectual arena by:

  • international faculty who received their education and taught in leading world universities
  • mandatory study-abroad, summer and winter schools in the best Russian and foreign universities