State, Institutions, Neoliberal Reforms


    “Reforms and the State” – an open discussion in the framework of the Global Issues core course at SAS.

    Pavel Demidov is the head of the Department of Communication Policy of the Center for Strategic Research Foundation. He is also an adviser of Alexey Kudrin, ex-Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, and one of the main experts of his team who supervises the making of the Russian economic reforms project.

    Ilya Matveev is a political researcher and theorist, an assistant professor at RANEPA, who has been working on the topic of the Russian State from 1999 to date for several years. His research includes the comparative study of reforms in Russia and other countries.

    Time: December 8, 15:40

    Place: School of Advanced Studies of the University of Tyumen, 2/1 8 Marta St.

    The lecture will be given in Russian.