A day at the School of Advanced Studies

    We invite all tenth- and eleventh-grade students interested and their parents to attend the School of Advanced Studies on 15 December 2018.

    SAS is a brand-new, ambitious and experimental institution at the University of Tyumen providing the most international BA program in Russia that offers its best students access to the world-class education.

    During this day at SAS, you will have a chance to see at first hand how our School is different from conventional Russian universities.

    Why have professors from different countries and how does it work? What level of English proficiency is necessary to study at the School? What is it like to have a course uniquely designed by a professor who has done research in the world’s best universities? What are the advantages of having a freedom to choose a major after the second year? What does the individual educational path in SAS mean?

    “Day at the School” will start with the presentation by the director. Then, it will be followed by three classes, each 45 minutes in length, given by the School’s professors. 3-4 classes will be held simultaneously, and it will be up to you to choose classes you would like to attend.

    Preliminary program



    Registration of participants


    Andrey Shcherbenok — Why do you (we) need (this) university?


    • Louis Vervoort — Free Will: When Philosophy Meets Science
    • Tomasz Blusiewicz — Historians from Combatant Countries Look Back at the Origins of World War I together, a Century Later
    • Svetlana Erpylyova — Fun history: how did we invent teen age in the XIXth century?
    • Maxim Alyukov — More than just a game: how and why should we study computer games?



    Coffee break


    Meeting with the SAS students


    • David Dusseault — Creating First Rate Humans: Challenges to and Opportunities for Educating the Next Generation

    • John Tangney — Literature and Visual Art
    • Matvey Lomonosov — Why arent’t we “citizens of the world” yet? Citizenship today

    If you want to participate in the event, please register here.

    Those who cannot come to the School on this day will have a chance to watch livestreams of the lecture “Why do you (we) need (this) university?” by Andrey Shcherbenok, as well as of the lecture by one of the School’s professors, which will obtain the highest number of votes in the online voting.

    Follow the link to vote for the most interesting topic.

    Location: 8 Marta St, 2k1, School of Advanced Studies, University of Tyumen