Faculty Search. Multidisciplinary Research Project Design Session. 28 faculty candidates, 21 universities, 9 countries. 3,4,5 March. Video, Selected Episodes.

In September 2017, teaching and research at SAS will commence with our first faculty starting their tenure. After reviewing over 300 applications and conducting many dozens of preliminary interviews, we invited shortlisted candidates to Tyumen to take part in an intensive 3-day project design session.

During the session, which took place on March 3-5, our candidates self-organized into multidisciplinary teams and proposed collective research projects to be realized at SAS. All the candidates, along with invited external experts, SAS staff and other stakeholders discussed the proposed projects thoroughly in order to find and help outline those most promising for the formation of SAS research agenda.

The clickable list provides information on the experts, their research interests, and the fields involved.
Greg Yudin
Ilya Kalinin
Kevin M. F. Platt
Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov
Oksana Bulgakowa
The clickable list provides information on the candidates, their research interests, and the fields involved.
Andrei Nekhaev, Anne Mulhall, Dmitry Bayduzh, Evgeny Grishin, Igor Chubarov, Jan Krasni, John Chua, John Tangney, Ksenia Fedorova, Layla AbdelRahim, Liudmila Simonova, Louis Vervoort, Lyubov Bugaeva, Maria Kunilovskaya, Marina Giltman, Maxim Alyukov, Rossen Roussev, Svetlana Erpyleva, Tatyana Gavrilyuk, Thorsten Botz-Bornstein, Tomasz Blusiewicz, Zachary Reyna