Open lecture “Economic Impact of Social Diversity: Is Diversity Good or Bad?”

    This presentation will describe various types of social diversity (historical, economic, linguistic, geographic, religious, genetic, cultural, etc.) and their impact on economic, social and political outcomes, such as growth, institutional development, investment, conflicts, inequality, etc. The focus will be on the understanding of concepts of diversity and polarization, their measurement and evaluation, derivation of diversity indices and their application to empirical work.

    Time: March 11, 19:10

    Place: School of Advanced Studies of the University of Tyumen, 2/1 8 Marta St.

    The lecture will be given in Russian. Free entry.

    Shlomo Weber (Ph.D., Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel) is the president of New Economic School (Moscow, Russia), Emeritus Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Southern Methodist University (USA), Academic Director, Center for Study of Diversity and Social Interactions, New Economic School, Moscow, Russia.