Summer School — 2019, “Endless futures and human limitations”

    June 10–15th, 2019

    The School of Advanced Studies, The University of Tyumen, Siberia, Russia

    The school welcomes high school students ages 15–18 years.

    While the possibilities for the future seem limitless, novelty and innovation of human science and knowledge are constrained by historical successes, practical demands, and strong imaginary limitations. Humans are biologically limited. Human societies are constrained by the demands of these biological bodies and their socio-cultural habits and histories. We want to produce change and innovations, yet every field is constrained by practical requirements and obligations, “what is possible”, and what can be imagined to be possible. How can we assess possibilities when we cannot see them, be realistic but still creative?

    Taught by international professors trained at some of the best universities in the world, this summer school is a chance for students to try out world-class higher academic education.

    David Dusseault is the creative director of summer school ’19.

    Summer School is free for all students. Meals and accommodation for all out-of-state students are also provided by The University of Tyumen.

    In order to apply, please prepare an application which includes:

    • your brief CV (full name, birthdate, grade, school number, city, e-mail, phone number and a brief list of your achievements);
    • short video in English (up to 90 seconds max) in which you sketch out ideas on one of the following topics:
      • What kind of world do you want to live in?
      • Describe an unrealistic future.

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