Theater Workshop: Shadow Play

    Please join us for Chris’s presentation of his upcoming workshop, which will be free and open to the public.

    From its ancient Asian origins, through the European avant garde, to today’s global do-it-yourself movement, shadow play has been a popular expressive form in many cultures. No one knows for sure when the first shadow plays appeared, but over the centuries, shadow play techniques evolved into projection slides and, ultimately, cinema. This workshop will explore some of this history, in the course of creating an original shadow play production. Building a show from scratch, students will learn basic puppeteering techniques, stagecraft, optics, and how to create camera effects like depth-of-field, panning, and mise-en-scène.

    Time: March 1, 19:10

    Place: School of Advanced Studies of the University of Tyumen, 2/1 8 Marta St.

    The presentation will be given in English. Free entry.

    Chris de Ville is a New York theater artist. His early involvement with post-punk/DIY arts eventually led him to the downtown theater scene, where in 1998 he was a founding member of the award winning Symphonie Fantastique, an abstract show performed in a 500 gallon tank of water. Over the next two decades he served variously as a performer, designer, builder, director, and producer in more shows than he cares to count. Highlights include numerous Basil Twist shows, performing the role of Chairy in The Pee-Wee Herman Show on Broadway, building the 14 foot tall robot puppet for the stage version of the Flaming Lips’ “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”, designing for Broadway’s Dr. Zhivago, and creating shadow play effects for the Franklin Stage’s The Trojan Women. He has also staged numerous original community-based theatrical performances and musical happenings in New York’s rural countryside. While most of his work is theatrical, he also has a lifelong relationship with audio and video production; creating content for NPR radio, music videos (eg., Grizzly Bear’s “Gun Shy”), and as a musician (mostly on electric ukulele).