Time and the Other Capitalism: The Pasts, Presents and Futures of Work

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We are an interdisciplinary research team investigating the proliferation of competing temporalities within late capitalism, in particular in the European and post-Soviet contexts of labour. Engaging with the recent turn to using the term “financialization” to differentiate a post financial-crisis understanding of capitalism from earlier neoliberal practices and regimes, our team approaches the problem of time and work using three disciplinary perspectives, in a project organized around three chronological motifs. The first of these organizational motifs, “The Transition from the Past,” is a sociological empirically-driven enquiry into the movement from “factory to firm,” using post-Soviet case studies. Next, “The Emerging Present,” a cultural studies investigation, deploys recent literature, film and philosophy to understand changes in perceptions of temporality that may be driven by contemporary networked regimes of labor. Lastly, “Future Projections” is an anthropological study of the production of a future-oriented and time-managed subjectivities in the workplace. One of the most urgent questions for our team is whether these competing temporalities simply reflect or in fact constitute new social orders? Though our early approaches to these questions are distinctly disciplinary, we expect these approaches to be complexified and even supplanted or erased through our everyday communal research and writing practices. The expected outcome is a mixed methodologies investigation that will inaugurate a new interdisciplinary approach to some of the most pressing questions about work and time.

Call for Researchers

We are interested in supplementing our team project with additional researchers

Specifically, we are interested in working with a cultural or labour historian interested in theories of the event and rupture and/or historical experiences of time, a psychologist or cognitive analyst interested in work and time, or an economist who works on the contemporary Russian economy. This call is also open to researchers in any discipline who feel that they can make an important contribution to this project.

If you are interested in either remote collaboration with us or in joining our team at SAS, please, contact us via the team e-mail below. Please, send your CV and a short description of how you see your contribution to the project.